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Patrick McGuire’s appreciation for the arts began at the early age of fourteen when he completed his first sculpture. His talents soon lead him to travels in the Far East where he was influenced by various artists and craftsmen in Indonesia and the Philippines. It was here that he developed an eye for capturing the beauty and life around him.

Combining creativity with the freedom to express himself through new techniques and mediums, Patrick has developed a unique style that sets him apart from the main stream artist. Today, noted as an accomplished sculptor, Patrick’s natural talent for transferring the spirit and feeling of his subjects to his sculptures, results in his creations possessing a life all their own.

Specializing in figurative sculptures and commissioned portraits, Patrick McGuire’s sculptures range in size from miniature to heroic and can be found in a variety of mediums including bronze, terracotta, bonded marble, hand cast paper and glass.


"My work represents a fresh and inspired approach to art which comes from the heart and separates it from schooled techniques of others. I bring an honest approach to my work and feel that art should be a part of everyday life to be enjoyed by all." 

Patrick McGuire, Sculptor



Patrick currently works at his studio located in Fall City, WA. 

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